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Top 10 most common phobia | Top 10 Most common Fear | Fear and Phobias

Here are the most common phobias and Fears based from statistics. And from reports from both male and female.

Top 10 list:

10. Necrophobia

-- An abnormal fear of death. Also called thanatophobia

9. Brontophobia

-- An abnormal fear of thunder and thunderstorms. Also tonitrophobia.

8. Carcinophobia

-- An abnormal fear of cancer. Also called cancerophobia.

7. Emetophobia

-- Emetophobia is the irrational fear of vomiting, being around others who
are vomiting, and/or the vomit itself.

6. Acrophobia

-- Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. It belongs to a category of specific phobias, called space and motion discomfort that share both similar etiology and options for treatment.

5. Claustrophobia

-- Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces. Claustrophobes may suffer from panic attacks, or fear of having a panic attack, in situations such as being in elevators, trains, boxes or aircraft.

4. Agoraphobia

-- Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder which primarily consists of the fear of certain settings that may present unexpected challenges or demands. These could include parking lots, shoppings malls or restaurants. The social consequences of having a panic attack or losing control in public often becomes an additional source of fear in its own right. As a result, severe sufferers of agoraphobia may become confined to their homes, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place."

3. Aerophobia

-- Fear of flying is a fear of being on a plane while in flight. It is also sometimes referred to as aviatophobia or aviophobia.

2. Sociophobia

-- Sociophobia is the fear of social gatherings, fear of socializing, fear of embarrassment in social situations that is extremely intrusive and can have markedly debilitating effects on personal and professional relationships.

1. Arachnophobia

-- Arachnophobia is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of spiders and sometimes other arachnids, such as scorpions and harvestmen. It is among the most common of all phobias. The reactions of arachnophobics often seem irrational to others (and sometimes to the sufferers themselves). People with arachnophobia tend to feel uneasy in any area they believe could harbor spiders or that has visible signs of their presence, such as webs. If they see a spider they may not enter the general vicinity until they have overcome the panic attack that is often associated with their phobia. They may feel humiliated if such episodes happen in the presence of peers or family members.

Top 10 most common phobia | Top 10 Most common Fear | Fear and Phobias

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